Social Activities

Most primarily, it is intending to address issues related to geriatrics and physically challenged children in Anugondana Halli hobli, Hoskote Taluq, Bangalore rural. Sarathi is trying to cover nearly 63 villages in this area and it is the first of its kind rehabilitation activity. It is community initiative and many social scientists and workers are supporting this concept. Today, we have 37% senior citizens population and equal number of deprived children who are in need of support. Sarathi is trying to facilitate this issue with society at large and with mainstream media. It is working this issue as one of the major activities under CSR—Corporate Social Responsibility or Social Commitment. Sarathi has an effective network with other media advocacy organizations in New Delhi, Mumbai, and Orissa.

Success story of our/Sarathi’s pilot project-‘SRUJANA’ -
Sarathi in association with Action Aid, Regional office Bangalore conducted ‘Srujana’ a three day state level residential workshop for the mainstream vernacular fiction writers. The workshop was conceptualized mainly to sensitize the participants and through their writings to remove the myths and misconceptions on HIV/AIDS that are noticeably prevalent in the society. The workshop provided a common platform for them to interact with the +people. The PLWH+ shared their life stories during one to one interactions on the concluding day of the workshop, these writers, based on the sharing of the affected people penned short stories keeping confidentiality intact/without revealing the names and personal details. These stories were published as Srujana series - in the popular Kannada weekly ‘SUDHA’ as a cover story of the month.

Conversion of these stories into audio medium: During the interaction with the +ve people and with the community, they expressed that as many of them are illiterate/ neo-literate, they are finding it hard to read the stories. They requested the same to be converted into audio medium. On their request all the 12 published stories were converted into audio medium in the form of radio plays/skits. The same was broadcast in the mainstream media and is also used by NGOs for their awareness programmes. Sarathi has brought the collection of these stories into a book form for those who have missed reading the series.

Ms. Gunasagari, workshop participant has penned a Kannada novel “Jeevanmukhi”. This is the first fiction book to be written and published in Kannada.