Listeners club

About Radio culture and listening interest among people.

  • Amazing level of radio listening.

  • Sarathi Jhalak has adopted the best combination of mainstream media technique, creativity and integrity and NGO sector’s empathy.  

  • We, Jhalak have not struggled for initial publicity in our short experience and have captured listeners.


  • Jhalak has created a space for illiterates to share their knowledge in audio medium.

  • Our strong net work with cross section of the society, government and non government, private sectors have helped us to reach listeners effectively.

  • Jhalak is grooming and facilitating local talents to manage FM radio.

  • Sarathi Jhalak is Voice of Powerful people who can make a change in their community.


Progress made so far:

We have set up the 50 m high communication tower at Anugondanahalli, Bangalore East. After trial runs and tests, our Community Radio went on air on August 23rd 2012, which was a proud moment for us all!! Since local participation and voluntarism are the bedrock of Sarathi, we have a team of enthusiastic team members who are really engaged with local society to manage and run the station. We have trained them in the basics of programme creation and content generation, and are currently transmitting programmes for 12 hours every day, without missing a single day! We have succeeded in making a presence in the local community. Local responses have been extremely encouraging, and we have got significant press coverage, featured in respected newspapers like New Indian Express, The Statesman and Vijaya Vaani.


Listeners Feedback:

Rural communities, in and around Augondanhalli  especially women, are excluded from the information and communication process. Timely Launched Sarathi Jhalak 90.4FM  here offers several approaches for improving the access of rural men and women to the fundamental resources of information and communication and to become a tool for raising awareness in the field of Education , Agriculture , Health and various other fields.  Our CR thought of creating a platform for exchange and discussion between rural mass in the region, to voice out their  opinions.  Hence on 6th of  July 2013 a LISTENER’S CLUB a First meeting was organised for our beloved listeners to share their unique experiences.


Especially for some of the Listeners it becomes a question of survival. Exchanging knowledge on agricultural practices, nutrition, the struggle against HIV/AIDS, access to land, etc. helps our listeners to take discrete decisions in their lives. It also  definitely helps them to handle situations in an appropriate manner.This club also provides them a means for taking timely appropriate action, working towards a better lifestyle.


Our Rural Community Radio 90.4FM tries to ECHO our Listeners voices to various Governing Departments for better and faster remedies.


Listeners Direct Feedback

  • Mr.Sridhar from Bellikere who works in a Town Hospital Sarjapura, a regular listener , speaks about Sarathi Jhalak 90.4 FM radio, ‘We are almost enjoying all the programs, and  I have learnt many things from 90.40 FM.  I also once visited the radio station and spoke about health and its related issues.I have also informed my friends and relatives to listen to sarathi jhalak 90.40 fm, I am really thankful to this team’.

  • An other listener says ‘Hi, Bangalore Rural Sarathi Jhalak. This is Sagar from Himmadihalli. ‘I will be continuously listening your programs. I was seriously planning to die because I felt very bad in my life but I strongly decided to not do so , when I started to listening to Sarathi jhalak radio it gave me more enthusiasm to live happily in my life. Especially Manasina Maathu is a wonderful program, it has a power to change any week person to a strong one. I am really thankful to Sarathi Jhalak 90.40FM’.

  • Good to listen to Sarathi Jhalak. This is Murali from Yadagonddanahalli. I am one of your sarathi jhalak radio regular listeners. I am working as a Farmer. I usually listen your 90.4FM. I was really not aware about your radio station. One of my friend introduced me to Sarathi Jhalak. I have Interacted with RJ’S Mani  and Ravi, spoke about rural development and problems of the rural areas. I really like to motivate few more people to listen to 90.40 fm. I would like to say that all programs are being broadcasted in  such a good and better way. I am thankful to Sarathi jhalak team.

  • Respective Sarathi RJs, I would like to say about sarathi jhalak program. I am  Vijayananda from Jadagenahalli village, Hosakote Taluk. I am staying in rural area. I am working as a Tailor. I have started to listen to 90.40 fm recently and it is giving such nice information in everyday. I am greatly addicted to smoke. After listening to programs on Smoking and its Health hazards  I decided to stop smoking completely  and  I am enjoying with my work while listening 90.40 fm. I am really thankful to Sarathi team because they are passing lot of information about Health tips, agriculture, Police news, Law, Village cleanness and etc.

  • Hi smart RJs, This is Vedha Vishwanath from Narayanakere village, hosakote taluk, Bangalore rural district. I was listening FM Rainbow and Vivid Bharathi channels earlier to the start of 90.4FM Sarathi Jhalak. When Radio station began we were only two listeners from our village Narayanakere but if u check now almost 89% of peoples are listening your channel regularly. A program on “Marital Issues and Divorce”  was very informative , We have trying to tackle many problems related to these issues which more of the Rural Women face.Thank you Sarathi Jhalak team for educating us.

  • This is Ramachandra Reddy from Hosakote. I have started to listen to your program since six months. I really changed my character after listening to your radio. I was speaking and behaving rubbishly with everybody , but now I am living cool and speaking with everyone as a cool way. I really learnt lot of things from our radio. Sarathi  Jhalak has very good Programmers.


Sarathi Jhalak 90.4FM is moving towards the upliftment of the Rural community thus reaching mile stones in this journey of Socio Economic Reforms in our society.