Helping The Needy

Apart from these activities Sarathi has produced programmes related to health, social, legal, educational subjects for both audio and visual medium and has published issue based articles in print media, trans-created subject manuals in-house bulletins, newsletters etc.

How  Sarathi Jhalak it is different from other FM Radio Stations?

FM Community Radio is a new concept introduced in 2005 by Government of India and today 144 stations are functioning in India and 12 stations in Karnataka. Of all, most of these CRs are owned by educational institutions.  CR is an alternative media, a knowledge power given by the government to the people, for the people and by the people.

A Profile about people, Life style …..

  • This area is a semi rural or urban.
  • Literacy rate is high and it has been officially documented in Karnataka’s Human Development Report and also in reality.
  • People are well aware of practical world in matters like their rights, policy, politics and schemes, provisions etc.
  • Students are benefited with Quality education either through government or private educational institutions.
  • Stree shakthi movement is strong and women are empowered though they are illiterate/neo literate.
  • People are exposed to Bangalore culture like mall and multiplexes. Still, have retained their nativity, folklore etc.
  • Culturally rich, emotionally trust worthy, socially open to new world, economically strong to start new ventures.
  • Though Telgu is also a main language for communication people identify themselves as Kannadigas and exposed to art, culture and Kannada literature and are knowledge seekers and observers.