Educating the Rural Masses

Sarathi-Jhalak, a unique Community Radio Station, developed and run primarily by women! Sarathi Jhalak, has its roots in Sarathi, a Bangalore based nonprofit organization working towards the betterment.

Sarathi Jhalak has started transmission since August, 2012, and currently has 14 hours of programming daily. It has been set up primarily on the strength of strong voluntary efforts of the proponents and their team, with technical support and financial assistance of GoI Ministry of Information. Having demonstrated our capacity to conceptualize, set up and run the station, we now seek your partnership in taking India’s only Community Radio station developed and run by women, to the next level. We aim to focus on:

1. Education of target population on environment and health, agriculture, financial awareness, art, culture…..

2. Creation of a forum for dialogue and knowledge-sharing among local population.

3. Enhancement of employment opportunities for local youth and community…

The Concept:

“UNESCO sees community radio (CR) as a medium that gives voice to the voiceless, that serves as the mouthpiece of the marginalized, and is at the heart of communication and democratic processes within societies. With CR citizens express their views on decisions that concern them. The notions of transparency and good governance take on new dimensions, and democracy is reinforced.”

Sarathi Jhalak sees itself as a vehicle of social empowerment and education through the medium of Community Radio, in a semi-urban area near Bangalore. The Community Radio experiment has been designed based on community involvement, preparation of local content, tailoring knowledge to local concerns and being a catalyst in finding solutions to improve governance and administration at local levels.