About Us

about_usSarathi – a Resource Centre for Communication is a Bangalore based voluntary organization registered under Karnataka Trust Act in 2001. Sarathi was started with an objective of disseminating quality information on social, legal, health and educational subjects with a holistic approach through main stream media, and by conducting workshops and seminar for fiction writers, journalists, film & serial writers, departmental personnel, theatre artists and community at large. Sarathi in association with both government and developmental agencies conducts various sensitizing and awareness programmes for the benefit of the community at large. Many of our concepts have been successfully accepted by both Publications and electronic Media… Creating A true revolution  in the media of    RADIO !!!!!!!!!


About the Founder:

 DS Shamantha has worked in the media, development and has more than 20 years of professional work experience covering various domains of media. She has worked, at different times, as Associate Editor for films, Associate Editor and publisher for a women’s monthly magazine, been a development journalist on TV and Radio. She founded SAARATHI– a Resource Center for Communication. She has been associated with All India Radio, educational and informative channel of Indira Gandhi Open University (IGNOU-Gnanavani FM channel) in the field of development. She has written 104 episodes on development issues for Population Information Study, New York – USA. Fellow of Panos Reproductive Health Media, KK Birla Foundation, The Hindustan Times, Karntaka Sahitya Academy…. Member of prestigious Network of Women in Media…recipient of Karnataka Sahitya Academy and Madhyam Academy 2011. She has extensive experience in development journalism and has produced many programmes for TV and first woman to introduce issue based reality shows in Kannada TV, 2002. Author of 12 books on various issues and First woman journalist from south India to visit Jammu and Kashmir in 1997 and wrote a book on plight of women in the valley…First journalist to study Functioning of Family Courts in India…First journalist to study on Reproductive Health of unorganized sector women…First writer in Kannada to write a book on Nepal Himalaya’s expedition…….



 Ours is a group 20, among 7 are women. 7 programmers, 2 contributors and 3 are field co ordinaters. All are PUC, diploma and a law student from different villages. Currently, we are broadcasting various programs between 6 am and 10 pm. Our women programmers and field coordinators are closely associated with stree shakthi movement in our area.